Battery, motor and motor controller

BYD is the first and only automotive manufacturer to produce its own batteries, motors and motor control system. This integrated technology increases reliability and provides an easy one-stop service solution to customers.

Self developed e-platform, exclusive for eTrucks

Based on its core technologies, BYD launched a highly integrated e-platform designed exclusively for pure-electric trucks. This platform features impressive modularisation and standardisation, which vastly optimise performance and efficiency, while also reducing maintenance costs. In addition, BYD’s e-platform enables a flexible development to meet your specific operational needs.

Approved testing for safety and quality assurance

BYD has developed its own test facilities for its vehicles. The BYD Test Centre is equipped with more than 70 professional labs and more than 3,000 test categories, for the whole vehicle, system and components, drive system, vehicle material, safety, EMC, NVH to ensure the safety and reliability of the eTrucks and eVans.

Silent and clean, towards a zero-emission world

Without the conventional diesel engine, you can enjoy quieter experiences, improved working conditions for drivers and make a valuable contribution to a quieter, cleaner city.