We are the first electric bus manufacturer worldwide with over 74,000 ebuses delivered and thus the most experienced. We provide a wide variety of ebus products to meet different operational needs of customers, from city routes with high frequency and passenger load to long-distance inter-city comfort travel. Our buses are the result of extensive innovation and experience in battery technology. We have mastered the three core technologies of ebuses: batteries, electric motors and electric motor controllers. Also with the BYD’s own developed Rear Axle and Motor, the whole eco-system run with homogeneity.
BYD doesn’t simply produce products, we are trying to create a better future because we care about the planet and are committed to preserving it for future generations.
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Advanced battery.

BYD is the first company in the world to fully industrialize the Iron-Phosphate battery. This high-performance battery is safe, stable, environmentally friendly and features a longer battery life.

High performance

With BYD’s proven technology, we strive to support your daily operations on a single charge, making opportunity charging no longer a necessity.

Safety first

The battery has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its safety.

Environmental friendly

The battery contains no heavy metals or toxic electrolytes, with no pollution or emissions during production.

Long-term warranty With the utmost confidence in the battery quality, BYD provides long-term warranty on the batteries.

Keeping it cool

BYD's thermal management technology keeps the batteries cooler, safer, lighter and prolongs service life.

6-in-1 motor controller.

As a result of its cutting-edge technology, the revolutionary BYD 6-in-1 motor controller integrates six critical components into one single compact module for enhanced efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.

6 Main Electrical Components Integrated:
  • 2 electric motor control units
  • 1 steering control unit
  • 1 air compressor controller
  • 1 DC-DC converter
  • 1 power distribution unit
  • Intelligent systems.

    The quality and reliability of our products is enhanced further due to the intelligent systems supporting them.

    Pre-heating System

    The heating and air conditioning function can be switched on at a pre-set time thanks to the Pre-heating System.

    Smart Monitoring and Diagnosing System (SMDS)

    The SMDS allows you to monitor the real-time status of the ebus and the charging posts.

    Autohold System

    Autohold System ensures safety. When the driver brakes and the bus comes to a stop, the bus will automatically be prevented from moving even on a slope without stepping on the brake pedal.

    Regenerative Braking System

    Regenerative Braking System converts some of the kinetic energy into electricity and stores it in the battery to give additional driving range.

    Intelligent Start Battery Management

    The intelligent start battery management will always ensure the vehicle is ready. Once the start battery is detected to be in low power, the system will charge it automatically.


    Our ebuses meet the latest European safety standards R155/R156, R29 (cab occupant protection), R93 (front lower protection) and R66 (vehicle rollover protection) tests to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of a collision and body deformation from the entire vehicle structure. The modular design of the protection structures allows customization for customers’ needs.

    Multiple charging solutions.

    BYD offers various charging solutions to meet all possible charging possibility. The DC fast charging solution is available with high charging power. The charging interface uses IEC 62193-3 standard Combo-2. And the charging communication protocol complies with the IS0 15118 standard.

    Also, a pantograph charging is available, both in panto up and panto down versions All the charging equipment BYD provides is easy to install, use and maintain.

    All testing ensures the safety

    BYD has developed its own test facility for its vehicles. The BYD Test Centre is equipped with more than 70 professional labs and more than 3,000 test categories, for the whole vehicle, system and components, drive system, vehicle material, safety, EMC, NVH to ensure the safety and reliability of the ebus. The test centre meets the needs of multinational certification in America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions.

    Tailor-made ebuses.

    No bus service or route is the same, so flexibility is paramount. Our products can be adjusted to meet all of your fleet requirements, from passenger capacity, frequency and route distance.

    • Seating arrangements to best accommodate your passengers
    • The most efficient battery system adapted to your operational needs
    • Compatible with various convenient charging solutions
    • Interior and exterior design perfectly aligned with your required style
    • Additional features for optimal passenger and driver comfort

    Full service to get your
    operation up and running.

    We offer several service options to get your team and organization ready for your new vehicles. From technical training for your staff to easy access to spare parts and an extended service network. We got you covered.

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